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From Sefer Kavanos Halev, By Moshe at





          As the era of the moshiach’s coming approaches, thousands of Jews are seeking out the depths of the Torah like never before. Those seeking a spiritual revival study the great works of Chassidic Rebbes and Talmidei Chachomim with the idea of applying their practical advice to their life. Kavanos Halev teaches a practical, yet advanced approach in Avodas Hashem, based on the teachings of our Sages.


            This sefer is written with the intention of helping every Jew reach their true potential. The keys to accomplishing purity of mind will be explained in the following ten chapters. With the help of Hashem, in each chapter, I have included some of my own personal thoughts, chiddushim, and numerous quotes from Gedolei Torah. While writing this sefer, I have continually had in mind the importance of showing Ahavas Yisrael by attempting to write in a style of true warmth. Rebbe Nachman of Breslov says that a good story has the ability to touch a person, lighting the fire within them. Kavanos Halev aims to ignite the fire within all who read it through many thoughts, accompanied with stories of Tzaddikim. Based on the topics addressed, each chapter is followed by a brief prayer to Hashem for success.           


            To find life in the mundane, and hope in our forlorn times is no easy task. We must have patience with ourselves and with the generation that we are in. Advice from Sages can be found in the vast libraries but to find one that talks to you, answering your troubles with practical advice, is rare. Finally a sefer is available to answer the cries of Klal Yisrael in this generation, and to uplift and bring relief to those feeling spiritually unfulfilled.



Table of Contents



Chapter 1. Fear and Love of Hashem


Chapter 2. Humility and simplicity


Chapter 3. Overcoming ones Yetzer Hara


Chapter 4. Torah Lishma


Chapter 5. Guide to Joy


Chapter 6. Hisbodidus, Meditation of the Heart


Chapter 7. Kavanah in Prayer


Chapter 8. Mourning for the Temple


Chapter 9. Lekavod Shabbos


Chapter 10. Ahavas Yisrael